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Whilst we’ve always thought of ‘branding’ to be a badge of market recognition, you’ve likely noticed a few changes regarding packaging and how companies are altering their products to fit current bills.

Let’s look at how what are known in the industry as ‘No Option’ conditions, essentially influencing how products are perceived, newly acknowledged and ultimately sold to both potential and existing customers.

No Option Condition #1 – Apple Use-by Date

Monumental volumes of research support the fact that consumers desire a product they trust through user experience, brand identification and in some cases, an emotional connection.

How we present our product packaging and branding design has a life span, whether we like it or not. The real question is: When should I start to make these changes?

Following data trails in attempt to ‘predict’ the direction the market might ben towards can be a slippery slope, making sudden or frequent package appearance changes no more than a gamble.

Changing up your brand design to satisfy audiences can be viewed as a type of ‘forced revitalisation strategy’ rather than a long-term solution.

It’s important to remember that while collaborating hope with is change can be a good thing, it will never prove as effective as a true marketing strategy.

For this to ultimately work out, the following needs to happen:

  • The level of attention your new design receives re-engagement without damaging its reputation, and
  • Your customer base still respects and connects with the newly present product in the same positive light as before, for both new and existing customers.


So, what’s the real issue at play here?

Finding a more sustainable solution to staying relevant without putting your brand recognition through the ringer every few years. 

No Option Condition #2 – Keeping up with the times

Monkey see, monkey do. At least when it comes to following the trends that is.

With the likes of social media and online tube outlets, one of the most significant No Option conditions in business branding involves the ability to your market via an online presence.

In an advertising world where relevance is key, you’ll find yourself asking as a business owner or product marketer; Does my packaging fit relevantly and match with the times and current trends we’re experiencing?

It was only less than half a decade ago that pastel colour schemes were all the rage, increasing business brand identity and attracting big dollars. In 2021, naturally soft colours and tones are now drawing the youth and minimalist’s communities in with simple, more subtle packaging designs.

This sort of thing is likely to forever remain a No Option condition regarding product packaging and brand design. It’s important for every branding agency to ensure highly engaging and enticing packaging designs and food packaging designs are successfully incorporated with a product’s purpose and reasons for demand.

But here comes the problem.

Chasing short term trends and overhauling a product every year can prove costly and counterproductive and can be detrimental to your business in the long run.

While we’ll never be certain about what’s going to be in “in fashion” or return to fashion over the next five years, trend changes are inevitable and it’s crucial to keep your ear to the ground for a preliminary heads-up.

No Option Condition #3 – Changes to industry regulations and legislation

There may come a time where forced changes truly provide your brand with ‘no option’ but to alter a packaging or brand logo design for compliance or obligatory reasons.

These new regulatory changes should be seen as an opportunity for a packaging branding agency to re-energise their product packaging design while searching for market penetration improvements.

Often times unforeseen, legislative or industry changes are generally sprung on companies at what would feel like a moment’s notice, leaving marketing teams to scramble and regenerate new product packaging plans on the run,

A recent example of this would be hat’s happening at the moment during the pandemic relating to retailers moving moving to ecommerce models and how packaging design has to be altered to suit viewability universally  across devices.

Branding solutions for small businesses can be crafted by an experienced branding agency in Brisbane or a design agency in Sydney ensuring your packaging stays relevant and wanted.

No Option Condition #4 – Format Adaption & Online Showcasing

How consumers view your brand packaging within an online marketplace or store is ever evolving.

Many food packaging designs must be modified and reconfigured to display nutritional information on a thumbnail. Other features of product packaging designs may need a rework to fit with QR code requirements and other integrative technological advancements.

Online environments will no doubt sooner or later request for products to be packed with smart packaging or labelling to help with ecommerce automation and fit with the newest software or applications too.

A creative design agency in Brisbane can offer branding solutions for small business to adapt to these changes.

Similar to regulatory changes, confirming to the world of digital marketplaces represents another opportunity to revise and refresh how customers perceive your brand.

Maybe it’s time for you to revamp for market position? Consult a branding agency in Sydney to discuss your requirements and some well-aligned, savvy branding strategies.

No Option Condition #5 – A new ‘broom’ cleans out the Marketing Department

Every so often a no option condition doesn’t necessarily derive from a third-party reason like market demands, trends or law changes. Sometimes, a new ‘big-wig’ moves into the driver’s seat wanting to assert their knowledge, experience and overall dominance onto existing marketing strategies, regardless of their success.

Although, a plan is in place for the product packaging design, these marketing gurus want to ‘switch jockey’s mid-race’ perhaps to fulfill their own goals to simply nurse their egos.

This revolutionary change can often lead to existing customers leaving a new proposal for updated brand packaging doesn’t usually sit well with customers that have a long-term association with a particular product.

Our creative design agency in Brisbane offers a constant amidst some of chaos ever-shaping the packaging design industry.

Get in touch with the team at Jam&Co for comprehensive advice on how to best utilise these No Option conditions and allow your brand packaging to thrive amongst a saturated online marketing realm!


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