Brand Logo Design Best Practices

Did you know 73% of Australian consumers believe that most Australian brands deliver poor experiences, according to a Biz Wisdom study?

The logo of a business is typically the first thing new, and potential customers notice when purchasing a product or service. It serves the purpose of brand identity by demonstrating a company’s values and setting it apart from competing companies.

Like any first impression, the message a logo should convey must be distinct and straightforward. Are you finding it hard to integrate your brand and logo? Below are the design principles you need to consider to make a great logo that compliments your brand personality.

Logo Design Elements

The logo design concept is the foundation of a company’s visual identity. The logo is frequently the first aspect of a brand that consumers notice. Consumers can instantly judge a company based on how they feel about its logo and whether they believe the brand’s values align with their own. Consider the various components of a logo when coming up with design concepts for your company’s logo. Here are the main things to consider:

1). The Brand name: Your logo represents your company’s mission and values. It determines how different consumers perceive your brand, bearing in mind the preferences of your intended market. The foundation for your logo design will be your brand platform if you already have one.

2). Style: The next thing to consider when creating a logo is style. Perhaps you already have a logo design in mind. Does it describe your business, or is it just a picture? 

3). Fonts: You might not have given fonts much thought in the past if you are not a designer, but you might be surprised by the variety available. Like the other components, the font in your company logo should reflect your brand’s essence.

4). Colour: If your business already has a primary colour representing it, that’s fantastic. If not, this is a crucial decision. Colours can evoke certain emotions in us, and connecting emotionally with your audience is one of the keys to developing a great brand.

5). Flexibility: A logo on a giant billboard should be distinct and straightforward to see from several metres away. It should be simple to read from a distance of at least 20 mm on a small business card. Additionally, it should function in various sizes on business cards, brochures, T-shirt designs, and other marketing materials like embossing, stamping, and embroidery. 

A good logo will appear attractive on black and white backgrounds and in multiple colours. Only a small portion of the marketing materials many new and small businesses use to include their logo. Make sure your logo can be used in various ways and that you always use it the same way.

Brand Logo Design Best Practices

Best Practices In Creating Logos To Build Your Brand

There are various logo design tips to consider if you want to craft your company a good logo. Some of these practices include:

1). Maintain Simplicity

The most effective branding endures over time. If unsure whether your name or logo is appropriate, take your time. You’ll be happy you did because a reliable brand should endure for many years (even decades). Set limitations on who can use your name and logo, and go with something straightforward and easy to remember.

2). Consider The Emotion You Want To Convey

People frequently notice a company’s name and logo as soon as they encounter it. Consider the emotion you want them to experience. Do you want to have fun? Do you intend to treat this matter seriously? Are you a brand that appeals to consumers or companies? Use the name, font, images, and colour to evoke a specific emotion in your ideal client.

3). Make It Memorable

The best company names convey the essence of what the company does in a simple, memorable phrase. You can create an approachable logo that can be creatively used in all of your marketing by using a familiar concept. There are effective word combinations, but they are hard to come by.

4). Concentrate On Your Strengths

Create an idea that conveys information to the target audience. A good logo should demonstrate how you can help the audience to understand what you do and how it benefits them.

5). Tell A Story

An organisation’s name and logo should begin with a narrative that explains its mission. Your logo should reflect your brand’s story and how it distinguishes itself from competitors. It should be apparent not only what your business does but also what you stand for and why you do what you do.

6). Use An Appropriate Unique Colour

You must first be aware of your adversaries by analysing the current fonts and colour schemes. Colour is among the easiest to recognise aspects of a visual identity, so if none of your rivals uses a specific shade that fits your brand, you can easily claim it as your own company and use it to stand out.

You can select a typeface that few other businesses use by researching your competitors’ logos. Just make sure the font you choose complements your business and brand. Don’t be unique just for the sake of being unique.

Final Thoughts

The above advice should assist you in becoming a better graphic designer for your company’s logo. While ideas like these are an excellent place to start, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t let them constrain your creativity. There is no one-size-fits-all logo creation method. Draw, experiment, build things, and repeat!

Never forget that your logo is not your brand or identity. Branding, identity design, and logo creation affect how the public perceives a business or product differently. Knowing how logos are created now should help you understand their role in brand identity. The worst logo used effectively defeats the best logo utilised ineffectively.

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