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Branding & Packaging Design: How it’s similar to dentistry and orthodontics

While it may seem like a strange comparison, there are two notions that oddly share the same analogous concept when it comes to requiring certain services.

How a brand presents itself and the treatment one requires to repair their smile, forces the problem solver into two incredibly similar thought processes to make a suitable decision.

Let’s delve in and explore this peculiar correlation between how the marketing and brand design world operates, and the complexity of such an intricate medical profession.

The Tale of the Organic Chocolate Lady

Explaining how product packaging works in terms of developing an appealing, profitable design through use of fun and quirky analogies can be remarkably effective.

Check out this situation below involving a young, prospective entrepreneur with high hopes for her organic chocolate business:

We had received a packaging design enquiry from a lady looking to kit out her products with a fresh business brand identity. She had a small range of organic chocolates that she was successfully selling at a weekend market. A passion she’d be aching to turn into a full-time gig.

Success at the market encouraged her to broaden her horizons by updating her product packaging design so she could pitch her chocolates to larger distributors and organisations.

She had also read a number of our handy blog articles offering tips and industry advice on how to best update a food packaging design as well as asking our team about an estimated cost.

The young lady had been stunned to realise she’d likely be looking at over $10,000 for the brand packaging makeover!

But this was where our analogy made things interesting…

The Dentist & The Orthodontist: Explained

We proceeded to explain the dentist vs orthodontist analogy and how it applied to her business branding situation. The basis of it goes like this:

If you had suddenly developed a tooth problem, your first port of call would be to consult a dentist – a regular practitioner who may determine the issue to be minor providing a simple, relatively inexpensive solution.

If the problem were beyond the dentist’s capabilities or expertise, the young lady would require the help from an orthodontist – a specialist who can offer assistance to fix complex issues and knows how to make major improvements. However, these services would be quite costly.

The young lady then realised how this simple analogy would now apply to her organic chocolate product packaging, and that she’d have to make a carefully calculated decision based on these principals.

Do you require a dentist or an orthodontist?

While dentists and orthodontists practise in essentially the same medical field, they both help patients in very different ways.

Dentistry is a broad medical specialty that deals with the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw. Whilst orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusion, and the straightness of teeth.

This analogy basically applies to packaging branding agencies and the extent of their knowledge and services.

Many of the general brand logo design or food packaging design issues that small businesses face can be easily and cost effectively dealt with by a freelance designer.

Crowdsourcing design platforms are cost-effective and support small businesses without the client needing to consult a larger branding agency. Product packaging design concepts or ‘packages’ generally range between approximately $400 and $1,000.

While this may be a decent starting point, there comes a time where you’ll need to step up your product packaging game and see a dentist.

How the dentist helps

Professional print shops are capable of handling basic design and print work. Most will have an in-house graphic designer who can easily whip you up a product packaging design including the creation of a dyeline and finished art production for between approximately $2,000 and $5,000.

The dentist solution is perfect for small businesses like our organic chocolate lady on a limited budget not yet willing to invest big dollars into product packaging design.

Most branding agencies in Brisbane and design agencies in Sydney can help you out with basic packaging design concepts.

How the orthodontist helps

The orthodontist is more of a specialist packaging branding agency offering comprehensive, complex branding solutions for small businesses working with a range of industries with high-grade, high-quality printing and design services.

An orthodontist is the branding specialist you pay though the nose for to deliver you actual, concrete, profitable results!

Grabbing consumer attention involves both research and strategy as well as an in-depth understanding of emotional connection creation.

The orthodontist understands the science behind the brand and packaging life cycle. Through knowledge and experience they’re able to determine where both brand and product research, combined with strategic planning provides a competitive advantage.

The Orthodontist of Design: Where the difference lies

Here’s what your dollars contribute to when hiring a professional full-service branding design agency , ‘an orthodontist’ and why it’s worth it as a long-term solution.

A design orthodontist will:

  • Immerse themselves in your target market and narrow down your technical options
  • Choose the best solution based on research and expertise
  • Develop an emotionally compelling brand
  • Properly deliver the brand and the product to the right audience
  • Help guide and support the entire branding and product packaging design process all the way to the end.

Paying for Knowledge and Expertise – Another Well-Worn Tale

A woman calls a plumber when her washing machine breaks down. The plumber takes his time examining the machine before taking out a single tool, a hammer, giving it a thunderous whack!

The washing machine magically begins to work again and the plumber writes up an invoice for $250.

To the woman’s disgust, she reluctantly exclaims, “Two-hundred-and-fifty dollars? You were here five minutes and just hit it with a hammer!”

The plumber then provides her with an itemised bill which reads:

Hitting washing machine with hammer – $10.

Knowing where to hit it – $240.

Drop us a line at the Jam & Co branding agency in Sydney for comprehensive advice and solutions regarding your business branding requirements. Alternatively, please visit our Blog page for our other recent articles.


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