Creating Brand Storytelling That Converts

Does your convoluted narrative stand out in a world of TikTok and influencers? How do you stand out from your competitors and effectively capture the crowd’s attention?

A study by PwC in 2018 revealed that over 80% of Australian consumers wanted more human interaction to decide whether to purchase products. And what better way to foster human interaction and spark emotions than through brand storytelling? This goes to show just how crucial brand storytelling is for staying ahead of the game. Below are some tips to apply in creating your brand story to differentiate you from your competitors.

What Is Brand Storytelling?

A brand story brings your company’s history, mission, purpose, and values to life using storytelling and a narrative structure. You can use brand storytelling to connect with your audience emotionally by developing a sequence of narrative elements and rising action.

4 Benefits Of Brand Storytelling For Businesses

Brand storytelling significantly impacts the conversion rates of any business. Below are four benefits you might enjoy from creating a brand story for your business.

– People Love Stories: Starting with a tale will pique their interest more quickly than simply stating that you can save them money because people base their decisions on stories and emotions.

– Stories Sell More: Stories pique people’s interest in your brand. People who like your brand can spread the word about your company even if they never make a purchase.

– Stories Help You Outdo Your Competitors: Other companies may make the same claims regarding identical goods or services depending on your sector. A unique brand story can help you stand out in a crowded market.

– Customers Love Being Part Of The Story: Telling tales, a key component of how people interact, is a natural tendency that you should capitalise on. Instead of just purchasing a product or service, a brand story can make potential customers feel like they are joining a team or living a particular way of life.

How To Develop A Brand Story

Using brand storytelling, you may express your appreciation to clients who share your values. Discover the three simple stages for creating a strategic brand story.

– Establish the aims and function of your brand story.

Consider the message you want to convey, the emotions you want your audience to experience, and the action you want them to take at the conclusion.

– Take a moment to consider your origins.

Spend time reflecting on your aspirations, principles, and how your life’s events have led you to this point. This stage will assist you in determining how your circumstances may impact the objectives and mission of your business.

– Document your true story.

You are now prepared to create a brand narrative that demonstrates to your target audience your value beyond the products or services you provide. Make sure it provides essential information regarding the issues and demands of your target audience as well as the purpose and goals of your brand.

Creating Brand Storytelling That Converts

5 Tips For Creating Brand Stories

Coming up with a good story requires creativity because storytelling is an art. There are no guidelines or regulations to abide by when telling a narrative, just like with any other art. But with the aid of several tactics, you can create an engaging business tale. Consider the following techniques:

1). Be straightforward and concise. 

More superficial narratives have a more significant impact. They speak rapidly and command attention by saying what needs to be said. The conclusion is a crucial component of this. It should sound like a fresh start and leave you with the impression that nothing has changed.

2). Make it appear authentic. 

Don’t obsess over crafting the perfect story. Just like every other business owner, it’s acceptable to be flawed. Don’t try to discover the ideal resolution. Instead, concentrate on bringing it about.

3). Consider the big picture. 

The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study found that 87% of consumers would purchase goods from a business that supported a cause close to their hearts. According to the report, consumers prefer to work with companies with their best interests at heart, making it more crucial to share tales about business missions and their effects on society.

4). Variate the story.

You need to present your story from the perspective of an individual, such as a devoted co-founder, a devoted client, or an enthusiastic employee. Ensure that your story has a universal appeal.

5). Share your unique story. 

Customers should believe they are purchasing a piece of your story when they purchase from you if your tale is compelling. You might discuss how your company started, what makes it unique, and how it intends to serve the target market by offering a product and a service.

3 Brand Storytelling Examples

Some brands develop creative stories to make their products more meaningful, while others embed meaningful stories in their product and company. Below are three examples of brand storytelling.

1). Nike

Nike gained popularity in the 1990s because it offered engaging stories. In 1999, it produced a great advertisement to honour Michael Jordan’s career. Nike let Michael Jordan’s tale talk when everyone was attempting to sell hard. Their brand is solely represented by “Just Do It” and the swoosh. Nike played a minor role in the story’s ability to bring the athlete and the audience closer together.

2). SoulCycle

SoulCycle has created a captivating narrative to persuade customers to pay nearly as much for a single 45-minute class as they would for a month of a gym membership. The story attracts people, although this company provides a high-end training experience emphasising atmosphere.

3). Warby Parker

Warby Parker offers more than simply high-end eyewear, positioning itself as an alternative to the monopolised, pricey eyewear market. It invites customers to get involved in the brand’s movement.

Final Thoughts

Your business’ brand is its most precious asset. Brand storytelling paves the way for you to increase your market share, put your business ahead of the competition, make money and stay in business for a long time with the aid of a memorable brand.

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How you create a story for your brand significantly impacts your business. An exciting brand story will teach your readers a lot. As a result, people end up supporting your company, product, or service.

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