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Design Trends 2021

Design Trends 2021

Each year’s design trends are always big news. But 2020 was a strange year. The pandemic has dramatically shifted consumer behaviour that forced brands to reflect harder on their design for 2021.

“Elements that remind of calmness, safety, and positivity will be trending this year. People will be looking for refuge in these times of chaos and uncertainty. Brash fonts, bold colours and aggressive marketing may have to take the back seat for now.”, shares Karina Wolfin, marketing executive at Direct Appliance Rentals.

Muted Colour Palettes

Muted colour palettes dominated the world last year, from lip balms to potato chips. And it seems like they’ll hold their spot a little longer.

Bold and bright colours have been fashionable for year, but people desire more relaxed shades. This is probably because the last year was filled with confusion and noise, and muted colours convey a sense of security and nostalgia.

Geometric Shapes

These days, people seek trust and consistency. For this reason, you’ll witness countless brands adapt geometric design elements this year. If you look at other design trends in 2021, you’ll understand the shift from abstract and flowing shapes into these more coordinated visuals.

This trend will be particularly prominent in the tech, electronics, construction, software, and finance industries. But that doesn’t mean your favourite snack won’t be represented by geometry!

Flat Icons and Illustrations

Design trends are also cyclical. After some time, something will hit until it’s overplayed, and it goes back to not being trendy again. Just like flat icons and illustrations.

These are ideal if you’re creating a lot of visual content for presentations, infographics, and social media. These can be consumed fast; one look at a flat icon, and you’d still understand what it means even without text or context. Here’s how simple infographics help save lives during this pandemic.

Nature-Inspired Design

Organic design trends have been ushering in the past decade, and it’s expected to peak this year. The concept of imitating nature with natural lights, soft gradients, flowing lines, and earthy colours quenches our thirst for nature in pandemics. This isn’t a surprise because many of them have been indoors for months! We’ve been longing to walk barefoot on a beach, run around a field, go on a picnic, or glimpse at mountains.

Nature-inspired designs also complement minimalism and muted colour palettes.

Chaotic Typography

Typography may be a direct reflection of the cultural times. We saw many Serif and Sans-Serif fonts last year as we break away from the past and adapt minimalism. However, we crave not nostalgia during troubled times.

In 2021, we’ll be seeing letters that lack alignment, fonts of different sizes, twisted words almost every typography rules can be thrown out the window.


Using a limited palette is a long-standing concept in modern design. It is often used to create a balance between numerous or complex graphics and is also influenced by a growing taste for a smooth look. This helps simplify the design so that the brain can absorb the message faster.

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