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Emotional Connection: The Key to An Irresistible Brand

What makes a brand irresistible? Why do some brands have followers who voluntarily market for them?

How did they inspire this kind of loyalty, and what should you do to build such charm and popularity? It all boils down to a good branding strategy.

So, what is “Branding” really?

Branding goes beyond the name, logo, colours, and prices of products and services. It is the process of establishing a strong relationship with customers by stirring up emotions and forming memories around the brand. These are the feelings you get when you see anything related to that company.

The goal is to create a brand identity that is so faithful to certain beliefs and values that consumers will use the brand to define themselves.

For example, many people with athletic lifestyles tend to have apparel from Nike or Adidas. This is because these brands evoke a sense of motivation, discipline, and confidence—all of which are traits of successful athletes.

They also willingly attend the events of these brands and share their social media posts.

Keep in mind that most buying patterns are greatly influenced by how the customer feels with the brand. Therefore, your branding strategies must always involve creating deep connections.

Offer Exclusivity to Customers

Humans are programmed to seek belongingness, so you must make the customers feel included by branding them.

One of the proven-and-tested techniques is by inviting customers to be part of an “exclusive group”. When we’re a part of a group we feel more confident and a little less lonely, right?

For example:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Hugo Boss Experience
  • Neiman Marcus InCircle
  • Sephora’s Beauty Insider Rewards
  • Swarovski Crystal Society


Your Brand Is A Person

While you have to be serious about business, it’s essential for your brand to feel “personal”. Tailor the brand experience in a way that’s going to make customers feel there’s a person behind the brand and not just some large corporation.

Business Advisor Alister Clare from Credit Capital, recently made a talk about the shift in consumer behaviour, “Discuss with professionals on how you can personalise the experience, from packaging to customer service. Get to know your customers on a more personal level by learning their names, interests, concerns, etc. And then personalize your interactions based on what you know about them. Make it a point to make the audience feel that you want to know them, not just to earn profit from them.”

With the help of certain software products and social media features, you can collect this data and organise it in a way that is easier to interpret.

Mix the Old and New

Email and social media may be more convenient, but they don’t stimulate oxytocin production as much as personal interaction can.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is also called the “cuddle hormone”.

If customers experience the “bliss” caused by oxytocin release whenever they encounter your brand, emotions are sparked and memories are created.

So, you should strive to make personal and genuine interaction with customers as much as possible. Speak to them over the phone, organise a social event, or conduct actual meetings every now and then.

Call the Experts

Branding is not just a long-term commitment; it is for a lifetime. You will have to figure out the formula to become a successful brand. And there is no other way but through. Indeed, there will be setbacks. But once you find a way to the hearts and minds of customers, things will be more comfortable.

JAM & Co. is one of Australia’s top branding experts. We prefer to be called a “contributor partner” rather than an “agency” because we passionately invest in your brand to ensure it reaches the right market and settles in their hearts and minds.

Whether you’re a local favourite, a large corporation, or an aspiring entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, we got you!


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