Examples Of Product Packaging Design

Human beings are visual creatures by nature. We’re drawn to things that look good whether it’s food, clothes, cars, or even…people! That’s why your products have to be well-designed and attractive; that’s the best way to lure customers to buy them!

Who, after all, wants a bland, lifeless brand? No one! People want to see products with a distinct personality, whether it be charming, genuine, emotive, or eccentric. With that in mind, let’s examine some outstanding types of packaging that might serve as brand inspiration for your products:

8 Packaging Designs to Inspire Your Brand

1). Nike Air

It comes as no surprise that the most well-known sneaker in the world is ranked first. The slogan “Nike is in the air” came from Nike Air shoes, which feature a lightweight feel and a midsole cushioning to lighten the shoe. And do you know how the product is packaged? in a cushion of air!

It highlights the distinctiveness of the lightweight sneakers while showcasing and protecting the shoes! The German company Scholz & Friends outdid itself with this fantastic Nike product packaging idea!

2). Cleavers

Designed by Jam & Co, this packaging is authentic, attractive, and informative. Cleaver’s offers a variety of organic meat and pre-packaged ready meal products. The product packages are made from bio pop trays that have a transparent film that provides excellent product visibility. This allows consumers to examine the quality of meat and food, which is crucial when determining whether they’re fresh. 

The earthy green and beige theme on the packaging naturally alludes to organic products and the phrase ‘always eat better’ markets the products as healthier, chemical-free, and ethically sourced. You can tell what Cleaver’s is all about at a glance by looking at the products, which is commendable branding!

Examples Of Product Packaging Design

3). Hero’s Nuts

Designers occasionally use the “cool” factor in their works. This often involves using much brighter, bold colour palettes, and comical graphics, and that’s exactly what Backbone Branding did with this one. 

Hero’s nuts showcase different dried nuts and fruit wearing helmets, stylised as warriors from various historical eras. The packaging is fun, quirky, and creative! It adds vibrancy and playfulness to the overall look, capturing the attention of buyers.

4). Cloud & Co. Ice Cream

In Qatar, there is a classic gelato shop called Cloud & Co. To set the brand out from the crowd, Futura created a distinct box design made of cotton candy clouds, dreamy skies, and bold pastel colours. Such a combination automatically seduces customers. 

It calls them to enjoy a realm “where everything is possible, where your fantasies come true, and where things without sense are the norm” as inspired by the mind-bending artwork of MC Escher.

5). Pinnacle Drinks

Another good idea by Jam & Co, this one takes an emotive approach to get the customers to pick it up. How could a beer stand out in the crowded beer market in Australia? – Get them to connect with the product and that’s exactly what Jam & Co did with this one. 

The beer features a dog – Bluey. He was the oldest living dog, who passed on in 1939 after being born in 1910. He was a cattle dog, working with cattle and sheep in Rochester, Victoria. Bluey embodies the pure essence of Aussies; the dedication and fidelity to one’s work; of finishing the task and beating the odds. He also embodies man’s best friend, the dog, and that’s enough to keep the customers picking it up again and again!

Examples Of Product Packaging Design

6). Sony Walkman

Sony’s W Series Walkman is an MP3 player with one key selling point: it’s waterproof. And what better way to prove that than by packaging it in water? That’s exactly what Sony did for its walkman, and the result is spectacular. It is an authentic, eye-catching, and well-thought packaging solution!

7). Origami Tea Bags

Creative packaging design wears many hats and that’s evident in these tea bags. Here, the product itself has a beautiful design, besides the packaging itself. The tea bags are made to resemble birds, which takes brand identity beyond basic package graphic design. It’s memorable, unique, and unmistakable.

8). Special K

The best way to sell food is to imprint a distinct image of the delicacy in the minds of your customers. That’s what Jam & Co did with this iconic brand. We used emotive images to appeal to the appetite of potential customers. It’s captivating and interesting, featuring beautifully designed imagery showing a generous dollop of yogurt with fresh fruit.

Examples Of Product Packaging Design

How to Make your Packaging Appeal to the Masses

So, how can you make sure that your packaging represents your brand, sell your products, and stands out from the competition? Here are the steps to follow:

• Unique Packaging Design: Where it Begins

In a sea of competing products, a good design should always stand out. It should be creative, insightful, beautiful, and thoughtful, to demand attention. That way, it can be a crowd puller and reflect the brand, and showcase the company’s originality and individuality. Remember, for a brand to be memorable it needs to resonate with customers, building brand recognition.

From the shape of the package to the materials used and the graphic design, it needs to be visually interesting. Remember, before your consumer can read or interact with your product, they have to be drawn to it and that’s why sleek and attractive design comes first.  

• Packaging Communication

Though attracting your consumers is vital, clearly labelling your product is equally important. The package design should convey a clear message about the product being offered. The right information grabs customers’ attention and helps them determine what they need.

Additional information, such as ingredients, expiration dates, and so on, should likewise be simple to find and understand. That immediately starts a conversation between the customer and the product. Small businesses must mimic established businesses in simple, easy-to-understand communication methods. 

To communicate effectively, keep things simple. Numerous studies on the value of packaging design have been conducted, and if there is one thing that they have all discovered, it is that simplicity sells. More than anything else, individuals need quick, easy access to information.

• Last but Not Least: Functionality  

Packaging has different functional reasons. Containment, protection, identification, marketing, re-use, and a couple of others. It needs to protect the contents while communicating. This gets us to the final stage of packaging design: How functional is your package? 

The shape, material, ease of access to content, sustainability, and attractiveness all come into play. They can be used to set one brand apart from another and determine how successful a product will be. Functional packaging also alludes to authentic and trustworthy products when the package is made of the highest quality materials available. 

Final Thoughts: Breathe Life Into Your Packaging!

You might not be aware of this, but the average consumer takes 5-7 seconds to decide whether to make a purchase in-store. That’s not a lot of time to sell your product; unless it is attractive, authentic, eye-catching, and bold. 

To make matters worse, you’re probably competing against thousands of products, all calling for your consumers’ attention. That’s why you’ve got to breathe life into your packages with unique packaging ideas.  To make your products stand out on the shelf, you need custom packaging that employs attention-grabbing colours, a variety of convenient features, and incentive triggers!

Contact Jam&Co for Packaging Design Services

With more than 70% of all purchasing decisions made in-store, you cannot afford to cut corners with your product packaging design! You should grab potential customers’ attention while keeping information accurate & concise and everything functional. 

Some branding teams need weeks or even months to create the ideal design, but don’t worry – Jam & Co can help. We can market your brand and deliver on your unique value proposition thanks to our many years of experience, creative designers, branding specialists, and impressive graphic artists. 

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