Internal vs External Brand

Companies may have different goals, such as raising brand awareness, forging partnerships, acquiring loyal clients, etc. Hence, businesses of all sizes spend funds and human resources on external branding initiatives every year.

But what about a business’ internal brand? Internal branding is just as vital as, if not more significant than external brand. Although both internal and external brands should exist side by side, your internal branding should have a defined mission: to promote a culture that engages employees and drives them to perform and function appropriately toward your business goals.

But here’s the bad news: Forbes reports that less than 50% of employees trust their company’s business brand, and even less are actually ready or willing to carry it out.

What Does This Mean For You?

“If less than half of your employees aren’t involved, it doesn’t matter how powerful your brand design, activity and presence are. This indicates your workers don’t understand it, don’t appreciate it, and can’t connect to it. Thus, don’t expect them to follow through and promote your business.” says finance and business news writer Lincoln Beck of Biz Hero.

How Do Internal And External Brands Relate?

Both are necessary; one without the other is like firing up the crowd’s excitement without giving them a pep talk.

Brands should not be dispersed, even if they diverge.

Your business’s internal and external brand design should not be the same. It’s evident that they have distinct audiences and purposes, and as a result, they can’t simply be the same.
There must be some difference between them so that each one can do what your business requires them to do.

However, this does not imply that they must be kept fully independent. Maintaining a link across your internal and external branding is essential for various reasons. It makes your staff feel like they’re on the same page. Brand dissonance may make your internal and external aims seem disconnected, which has the unintended consequence of making people feel like they aren’t contributing to a larger purpose. Conversely, employees should believe that the company’s declared aims, the products and services you claim to deliver to clients and consumers, are closely tied to what they perform regularly.

So, What Should You Do?

brand advocates

Build brand advocates!

Building a fanbase is among any brand’s primary goals. It’s about making your business a way of life, not just acquiring potential customers. It’s not simple, but it’ll make your marketing tactics a whole lot easier if you can accomplish it. It’s not only that people are more inclined to shop from you if they appreciate you. They’re more willing to tell their acquaintances about you if they trust you. And if they love and admire you, they can be your walking billboards.

Time To Start Branding Effectively

At Jam&Co Design, we use impactful and purposeful branding to help businesses attract more consumers. Our work as a premiere Australian branding agency focus on internal branding, external branding, or a mix of the two, contingent upon your goals and objectives.

Are you ready to grow your business and boost your brand? Contact us to schedule a meeting with our marketing manager.


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