Congratulations, You Finally Made It Onto the Supermarket Shelf. How Are You Going to Stay There?


Making it onto the supermarket shelf is a significant achievement for any brand and packaging. It’s the result of hard work, innovative ideas, and effective marketing. But the real challenge begins once you’re there – staying on the shelf. With the dynamic retail landscape, how can you ensure your brand, piece of packaging, and the expertise of a brand agency remain relevant and competitive over the next three to five years?

Firstly, it’s crucial to develop a packaging evolutionary strategy. The consumer market is continuously changing, and so should your piece of packaging. Stay abreast of market trends and consumer preferences. Regularly refreshing your packaging or tweaking your product keeps it interesting and can re-engage customers.

Another key aspect is understanding and adapting to competition, especially from brands like supermarket private labels. These in-house products can offer similar quality at lower prices, posing a serious threat. To combat this, focus on what makes your product unique. Is it the quality, the brand story, or perhaps a unique ingredient? Emphasise these unique selling points in your marketing and packaging.

Building a strong brand identity is also vital. A brand that resonates with consumers can create loyal customers. Engage with your customers through social media, and understand what they love about your product. Use this feedback to make improvements and solidify your brand’s place in their lives.

Additionally, consider collaborations or limited-edition variants to create buzz. These can be powerful tools to keep consumers excited and engaged with your brand.

Lastly, keep an eye on pricing strategies. While you might not be able to compete with supermarket brands on price alone, offering occasional promotions or loyalty discounts can keep your customers coming back.

In conclusion, staying on the supermarket shelf requires continuous innovation, strong branding, and smart strategies to stay ahead of the competition, especially against private labels. With the right approach, your product can not only stay on the shelf but also thrive in the competitive supermarket arena.

Luckily, JAM is a brand agency that is here to help. We combine big agency experience and thinking with the flexibility, accessibility and care of an owner-operated business. We understand that collaboration is the key to great results – believe in curiosity, positivity, and lasting relationships. We see every project as an opportunity to create something memorable, deepen the emotional connections to your brand and help it grow.

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Getting on the supermarket shelf is an achievement, but staying competitive with your brand, packaging, and a brand agency’s expertise is the real challenge in today’s retail landscape. How can you ensure relevance over the next three to five years?


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