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Kellogg's Special K

Kellogg’s Special K

In the bustling cereal realm, Kellogg’s Special K stands distinct. More than a box—it’s a legacy. With JAM, we rejuvenated Special K’s packaging, emphasizing its natural ingredients and nutritional strength. Simplicity shines, focusing on clarity over complexity. The imagery? Pure cereal, a nod to genuine taste. Beyond a rebrand, it’s a tribute to lasting health […]

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Kellogg's Just Right

Kellogg’s Just Right

In the branding realm, Kellogg’s ‘Just Right’ champions simplicity. Together with JAM, the packaging now showcases its authentic food and nutrition. Out are complex designs, in is clear guidance. The food portrayal? Pure, enticing unmatched taste. The tagline, “not too heavy. Not too light,” playfully winks, while the radiant orange signifies a brand rebirth. More

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