Keil Estate

Keil Estate

Trevor Keil’s legacy, Keil Estate, sets sights on global premium wine markets. The redesign bridges heritage and modern luxury, targeting professionals aged 20-40 in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the USA. Vineyard illustrations subtly enhance the label, and gold or red foil details underscore the brand’s deep-rooted heritage.

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La Poco

La Poco

Pinnacle Drinks sought JAM’s expertise to create ‘La Poco,’ an Australian wine with Spanish roots, featuring Tempranillo grapes. The packaging, boldly adorned in red and yellow, pays homage to Spain’s vibrancy and royalty. Crown symbols add a touch of prestige, blending Spanish tradition with Australian innovation.

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Sven's Island

Sven’s Island

Sven’s Island transcends traditional branding, embarking on a journey to weave a profound connection with its audience. Our workshop was a crucible of creativity, birthing not only a brand, but a legacy wrapped in sophistication. We’ve infused life into packaging with stories painted in soft watercolors and lines that pulse with meaning. Our approach goes

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Bill’s Bread, an icon of organic virtue, has engaged JAM branding brilliance to emerge anew, transforming the very essence of organic bread. This rejuvenation is a heartfelt ode to nutrition. JAM has captured the feeling of Bill’s mission—bread that’s not just food, but a testament to ethical, nutritious living—infusing this passion into a visual saga

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Cleaver’s, in collaboration with JAM, reimagines trust in food. Their rebrand is a commitment to ethical, organic meat, deeply rooted in Australia’s open lands. Their bespoke script and tray imagery warmly invite you to a table where every meal is a testament to sustainability and health. Cleaver’s isn’t just about meat; it’s about a promise—a

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Honest to Goodness

Honest to Goodness

Honest to Goodness stands as a paragon of eco-conscious retail, championing health and environmental stewardship. Jam’s rebrand doesn’t just tweak aesthetics; it weaves a compelling brand story into each detail—from eco-centric packaging to a logo radiating integrity. The brand’s visuals echo nature’s purity with earthy patterns and tranquil water motifs, marrying simplicity with organic luxury.

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Kellogg's Special K

Kellogg’s Special K

In the bustling cereal realm, Kellogg’s Special K stands distinct. More than a box—it’s a legacy. With JAM, we rejuvenated Special K’s packaging, emphasizing its natural ingredients and nutritional strength. Simplicity shines, focusing on clarity over complexity. The imagery? Pure cereal, a nod to genuine taste. Beyond a rebrand, it’s a tribute to lasting health

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Super Nature

Super Nature

Super Nature transforms freezers into treasure troves of chef-driven cuisine. More than just frozen meals, these are bold, sensory adventures packaged to enthral, with colour and vibrancy. The ‘S’ symbolizes a legacy of quality, each dish a vibrant homage to culinary excellence. This rebrand isn’t just a new look—it’s a pledge that every spoonful will

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Australia’s Own

Australia’s Own

Australia’s Own didn’t just evolve, it transformed, embracing its Aussie essence. JAM’s collaboration birthed a renewed, vibrant identity, capturing hearts with powerful tales. Through authentic storytelling, distinctive assets, and digital dynamism, Australia’s Own is not just a name, it’s an emotion. Brands evolve; so, did Australia’s Own, with distinction and heart. In the end, brands,

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