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Wondering how to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Advertising world? At JAM, we’re experts in the game, excelling in areas like Billboards, Print Advertising, Bus Promotions, and any form of Out-Of-Home Advertising you can think of and of course BVOD.

Your brand's voice and its ability to engage with your audience IS the brand.

Picture this: In a bustling supermarket, you’ve got a mere 3 seconds to win a consumer. In the advertising space? You’ve got 8. Met the eight-second challenge yet? If the message on your billboard isn’t crystal clear within that time, perhaps it’s time for a rethink.

For a dynamite ad campaign, here's our 6-step checklist:

1. Instantly captivates.
2. Boldly stands out.
3. Clearly communicates.
4. Stays memorable.
5. Entertains effortlessly.
6. Resonates emotionally.
7. See.Say.

At JAM, we thrive on animating your brand. Think of advertising as your
brand’s grand stage, making it sparkle and leaving an indelible mark on
consumer minds.

Consider this: Unlike TV or radio where users can switch or mute, outdoor
ads are in-your-face, unavoidable engagements. Statistically speaking,
OOH advertising is 382% more effective than TV, 200% more potent than
print, and outdoes radio by 63% in guiding consumers online.

Ponder on these when plotting your next big ad move:

1. Who’s your audience?
2. Where do they hang out?
3. Is this about brand visibility or launching a newbie?
4. When does the campaign roll out?
5. Set your budget, considering all costs.
6. How will you gauge the campaign’s triumph?

A quick fact check:

• 78% of Aussies spot Outdoor Ads monthly.
• On average, drivers clock 7.5 hours weekly with 10 rides.
• 88% feel brands on billboards are more prominent.
• A whopping 74% witness Billboards multiple times a week.
• 76% of drivers, while shopping, are open to new products.
• 72% of Australians commute regularly.
• Digital might be the rage, but billboards?

They’re evergreen in their charm.

To sum it up, advertising is your brand’s grand parade. If you’re unsure of
your brand ethos, voice, or vision, have a word with us at JAM before you
dive into the advertising pool.

Harness the power of advertising with JAM and let us craft something
spectacular for you today.

Advertising Agency - Australia’s Own
Advertising Agency - Australia’s Own

At Jam we love brands. Does your brand connect emotionally? Does your brand need some love?

If you need help with brand development, brand refresh or rebranding,
contact us – we’re a branding agency who can help.

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