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More Than Just A Logo

Without an emotional bond, what you have isn’t a brand; it’s merely a logo.
At JAM, we don’t just design logos, we craft memorable brand experiences.

What is the difference between a brand and a logo?

Ever wondered about the distinction between a logo and a brand? While a logo is a symbol, a brand evokes emotions and memories. Think about it: when someone says, “I adore Mercedes” or “BMW is my go-to,” they’re

expressing feelings associated with prestige and luxury. It’s not merely about the symbol; it’s the amalgamation of emotions accumulated through various touchpoints over time. Consider the brands like Woolworths and Coles – they evoke strong emotions in consumers. Ask someone where they shop, and often the answer is tied to a feeling rather than a reason.

Then what’s a logo, you ask? A logo, in essence, is a representation without emotional depth. It might symbolize the local bakery, your nearby grocery, or the neighborhood craftsman. Most of these businesses might not have the budget for extensive brand-building. But as they grow, they realize the importance of partnering with branding experts.

So, how do we cultivate a brand at JAM? Our passion lies in shaping brands with powerful emotional resonance. We initiate this by understanding the essence of your brand – its functional and emotional aspects. Through comprehensive workshops, we delve into these facets. Each brand is distinct with a special attribute setting it apart from its competitors. Our role? To pinpoint that uniqueness and develop a brand around it. 

While our methods might seem cryptic, trust us when we say, it delivers. Our two-decade journey in branding testifies that impactful brand design translates to sales and meaningful connections. Once the brand takes shape, we extend it across all touchpoints.

So what is a logo?

Touchpoints are where your brand engages with consumers.
For an appliance retailer, for instance, understanding the consumer is key.

• How does the consumer engage with the brand?
• What are the key touchpoints?

This could be:
• Inside-the-box surprises
• Digital presence: Website & Social Media
• Informative brochures
• Impactful advertising: DOOH, Bus Stops, Outdoor.

Pondering over brand updates?

Brands, like all entities, evolve. Market shifts or competitive landscapes can cause a brand to lose its sheen. But fear not, at JAM, we guide you with what’s best for your brand. Whether it’s a minor tweak or a complete makeover, we’ve got your back. Remember, brands are dynamic and pulsate with life, connecting deeply with your audience. As its guardian, it’s your responsibility to nurture and let it thrive. 

At JAM, we don’t just like brands; we live them. Questioning if your brand resonates emotionally? Does it crave a revamp? For brand evolution, refresh, or total transformation, reach out to us. After all, branding is what we do best.

Brand Design - Cleaver's

Touch Points? So what are they?

Touch Points are what you apply your brand to. They are every part of the brand design that interacts with the customer. For example; Say you are a large appliance retailer. We have created a brand for you and now it’s time to roll it out. Firstly, you must get into the head of the consumer you are talking to.

How do they interact with the brand? What touch Points are they
associated with?

  • Packaging – including what’s inside the box
  • Website
  • Social
  • Product brochures
  • Advertising i.e. catalogues, bus shelter’s
Brand Design - Care Pharmaceuticals

How often should I update my brand?

Over a period of time a brand can lose relevance. Sometime this happens with a market change ie new players come into it with a different offering. Sometimes the brand hasn’t been supported. In any case, at Jam&Co we are here to give you the best advice for your brand. We are not the type of branding agency that change for changes sake. We would do an assessment and give you an idea of the type of changes you should make. Sometimes it will only take a small tweak to allow the brand to come to life again. Other times it might take a major revamp.

Brands are living and breathing and believe it or not have a soul. They connect on a daily basis to your loyal customers. As a brand custodian you have a duty of care to nurture them, enabling them to grow and flourish.

At Jam we love brands. Does your brand connect emotionally? Does your brand need some love?

If you need help with brand development, brand refresh or rebranding,
contact us – we’re a branding agency who can help.

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